Australia Trip Report


David & Nancy went to Australia in February of 2009.  This is a trip report of their adventure of a life time!

For the last 13 months we have been planning a trip to the East coast of Australia.  This includes the cities of Cairns, Brisbane and Sydney.  The most important and exciting part of the trip was 7 days on a live aboard boat out on the Great Barrier Reef.  Everything else was icing on the cake!!


We have divided this trip report into 4 sections.  Each city we visited and of course the live aboard boat.  Each page will have many pictures.  Especially, the 7 day's on the boat.

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Cairns    Brisbane    Sydney    Spirit of Freedom    SOF Page 2    SOF page 3    SOF page4    Corel Sea


With David's out going personality, we have engaged in many conversations with the locals. We have learned many things about Australia and it's people. In Cairns we have learned:

Here are a few pictures of some miscellaneous items.  The electrical here is very different than the US. US products need an adapter in order to plug in. The light switches are also different. It is 240 volts not 120.

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