If you're already confused by the proliferation of digital music types and don't know the difference between a DVD-R, DVD+R, or DVD-RW, get ready for the next assault. Go here for a quick review: http://www.dvdirect.com/TSS/charts/DVDFormats.htm

Hollywood studios are beginning to take sides. Toshiba's next-generation technology, known as HD DVD, is the format of choice for Warner Bros. Studios, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures and New Line Cinema. Meanwhile, Sony, Dell and Samsung, among others, favor Blu-ray, a competitive technology. As one might expect, Blu-ray has the backing of Sony Pictures, and in all likelihood, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, which has recently been acquired by a group led by Sony. Twentieth Century Fox is also thought to be in this camp. Both technologies use blue lasers, which allow discs to store data at the densities necessary for high definition.

If you read the above listed URL you should be less confused now then before. However, if your still confused I'm not surprised. You going to get more confused in the future. As this war continues the information is going to get even more confusing.

If your thinking of getting a new computer with a DVD burner your going to be pulling your hair out trying to figure out which format you should get. (Assuming the PC manufacture gives you a choice)

Today (and today only) DVD+R appears to be the most acceptable format. Check the acceptable formats from the manufacture of the PC or the DVD manufacture. In other words, ask questions and do your homework.

Also, don't even think of not buying that DVD for your new computer. That DVD player will be necessary within your computer. Most games and some programs require a DVD player in order to install the product. Remember, CD's only hold 700 meg of data. DVD's hold 4.7 gig of data.