Tour of the Schult Homes Factory

August 8th, 2007

On August 8th at 12:30 PM, Nancy and I took a 2 hour walking tour of the Schult Homes factory.  Our salesman, Jerry Swaim, from Busbee's Schult Home Center gave us a great explanation of each station.  The purpose of this web page is to give you just a visual tour of some what we saw.

Our new home is scheduled to be delivered to our lot on Monday, August 13th, 2007.

Place your mouse over any small picture for a description of the picture.

This factory has had 79 days with an accident. A chart showing the number of employee turn overs Here, a brand new frame is being wheeled into the factory
The flooring joist have just been completed. This shows how thick the flooring is The tongue of a new trailer waiting to be bolted on
They move the cabinets in long before any walls go up They raise the floor & frame and run all the plumbing needed while under the frame. The showers are also installed prior to the walls
They start to install the weight bearing wall of the interior You can see the sheet rock is installed, but the roof is not Another picture of the sheet rocking being installed, taped and mudded, but no roof.
The walls have been installed and well insulated Insulation again The factory has started to install the roof
The trusses are only a 2 X 2 because this roof is not designed to hold a large amount of weight. Here you can see the shingles being installed.  Also, you can see the catwalks the factory uses. The shingles being installed and the safety rope attached to the worker.
The doors are all made at the factory and await installation. Once the home is completed for that section, they are moved to the next section. Final touchs while the axels are being installed.
This is the QA department.  They go through the new home with a fine tooth comb. Jacks lift the home just before the axels are installed A side view of our house at the QA department.
Here is the bar counter top into our kitchen The master bedroom door looking toward the great room. The linen closet in the master bathroom.
The 60 inch shower. The double sink in the master bathroom. The toilet in the master bathroom.
Another picture of the shelving unit in the closet of master bedroom. The double sink again. Shelving in the master bedroom closet.
In the kitchen facing the front foyer A custom made shelving unit in the closet of the master bedroom. Cabinetry in the laundry room.
The microwave and stove unit Another view of the stove. More kitchen cabinetry.
Windows in the office.
Jerry (salesman) and Nancy The windows in the guest bedroom.
Guest bathroom The sliding glass door and windows in the great room. East wall of the great room.
Our home being "pulled away" from the QA department.   A view of the interior side of someone elses house while outside the QA department.