How to Extend Your Battery's Run Time


Battery run times can be dramatically improved by reducing the power consumption of your laptop. The top power drains on your battery are as follows:

•    Laptop display screen
•    DVD/CD drive
•    Wireless access finder
•    Cooling fan
•    CPU processing chip
•    USB and other accessory port connections

The top power drain on the battery is the laptops’ computer screen. Fortunately, you can adjust the brightness of the computer screen and even set up a battery usage plan in your Windows control panel to provide longer running battery times.
Windows users will find these setting by going to the Windows control panel and clicking Power Options. Once there, you will find 2 types of energy saving settings: those which adjust the screen’s brightness, and settings that will put your computer to sleep when inactive.

You can experiment with different screen brightness levels to suit your personal preference. The industry standard used by laptop manufacturers to rate battery run times calls for dimming the screen’s brightness by 70%. This is probably too dim for most of us during daylight hours. But this also explains how laptop manufacturer claims for battery run times are much better than we experience.


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