Internet Explorer version 8

The First Look

I received an e-mail from Yahoo inviting me to download the new Internet Explorer 8.

You can download IE8 from yahoo @

Or from Microsoft:


Internet Explorer 8 was first released to the public in March 18th, 2009.  Microsoft states the public should download and install it, because IE8 gives the public better security and browser choices. 



OK, so lets download it and install it.

I downloaded IE8 which is optimized for Yahoo.  It's your choice which IE 8 you download.  They also have a MSN flavor.

After clicking the yellow download button, I was presented with this window:

I Clicked on RUN, which starts the download of IE 8

Once it downloaded, it ask you for permission to RUN the installation

After clicking on RUN, the program will start to Extract all the files from a temporary location

I chose to help improve.  This is your choice.  Helping or not helping

You must agree to the license

Obviously, you should get the latest updates

As IE 8 is installing all the components, you can view the progress

After installation is complete you should restart your computer

After you computer restarts, re-open IE 8 to complete the configurations

I like this feature, so I turned it on

Only the comfortably geek would choose custom, so choose express

Again, this is a no brainer

If you like living life on the edge, I dare you to turn off SmartScreen!  (you will be calling me soon)

Again, do the update thing

IE 8 is now installed and ready for you to play


Now that you have IE 8 installed, you really should take a tour of it to learn about all of it's features.  Go here to do just that:




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