Moving House

On August 13th, 2007 our new house was delivered to our lot in Palm Lakes Village (PLV). 

Below is a series of pictures documenting the move of our new house.


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Our house is parked outside PLV Our house is parked outside PLV Our house is parked outside PLV Here the house is moving into PLV
Making the turn at 33rd Way and Kings The house moving down Kings The house moving onto 35th street Unloading the Trak
Unloading the Trak Unloading the Trak The Trak connecting to the hitch of the house The operator of the Trak
Hooking the Trak onto the house and moving it off the street onto the lot The Trak is pulling the house onto the lot Continuing to move the house into position Very sharp turn
moving the house into position The Trak has a great turning radius The Trak moving the house into the pit Part of the crew
Once the house is in position, it is supported it with piers Jacking up the second half, getting ready to move the two halves together getting ready to move the two halves together

Here is a short

movie of the two

halves being moved


Here is a short

movie of the Trak


Here is a short

movie of the Trak

moving the house

off the street


Here is a short

movie loading

the Trak


The electrical connections under the house
This is a picture of the Southside (Front door) of the house This is a picture of the East side of the house Here is a picture of the sewer double clean-outs.  The screw caps will be at ground level.  

On Thursday, August 16th, 2007 we hired a company to "cut" the curb. 

What this does, is allow a smoother entrance onto your driveway.

Here the machine is getting set up This is the diamond cut blade they use to cut the curb Here you can see the blade cutting the curb
Now they are cutting the edge.  This edge curves up to met the current curb. This is the cut edge prior to being polished The curb cutting is complete This picture shows the old curb and the cut curb
Another angle

Here is a short

movie of the saw

in action.

The fondation for the retaining wall is being poured. Most of the retaining wall have been completed

    On August 24th, 2007 the grading was completed.  Now starts the garage and patio.

East side or back of the house Back door from the East Backdoor from the West Front door from the West
The electrical pedistal was finally installed.  Now we wait on APS. The trench for the electrical. The framing for the garage concret finally started. A closer picture of the framing for the garage

On August 27th, the electrical pedestal was installed. Now we wait for the electric company to approve it.

On August 29th, I called the electric and gas companies to have them turn the utilities back on.

The contractor told me the final stages of pouring the footings, garage flooring and patio would start today.  When no one showed up to do the work, I called the contractor.  He said something about a city permit was not approved.


On August 28th, the painter, which came highly recommended, came by the house and gave us a quote.  He called back later in the night and canceled the job.  Bummer!  Now we have to find a new painter.  The factory paint job is a really poor paint job.  It is better to paint the house now, while it is empty, then later when we are living in it.


On September 4th we heard from the flooring company.  The earliest they can install the floor is September 17th.  Now we have to find a painter to come in and paint the house before the 17th.  I also called the gas company and electric company AGAIN to have the utilities turned back on.  The electric company called me back.  It may take up to 2 weeks for the all the inspections before they can turn on the electric.  SIGH!!  The trusses were delivered for the garage today.  Called the contractor.  He was unaware the trusses were to be delivered.  HOW CAN THAT BE?!  Also, while on the phone with the contractor, he told me there will be a delay in pouring of the concrete.  DUH!  They are already a week behind schedule.


September 5th, I called the gas company and left a message again.  No response.


September 6th, I called the gas company again and left a message.  No response.  Called our contractor at 4:45 PM.  No response.  The contractor did have a crew out at the lot all day.  Not sure exactly all they were doing.  They did lay a gas line under the patio for a BBQ grill we will have installed later.  Other then that, I'm not sure what all they did or why!

Got a call back from a new painter which was recommended to us by our real estate agent.  We have agreed on a price and the start date will be September 19th.  Now I have to call the flooring company back and see if we can delay the flooring 1 week.  The flooring company called me back and said YES, let's delay the flooring until the painters are done.  The new date for the flooring to be installed is September 24th.  Should take about 5 days.

Late in the afternoon, I called the mobile home dealer and asked that the air conditioning company call me so we can get started on that.  I expect that company to take several weeks to get out and install the very expensive A/C, which we have already paid for.


September 7th, the gas company called me back.  Some lame excuse about a lot of calls and messages on his phone.  Anyway, he will submit the paper work to have our gas turned back on.  No time limit given.  Called the contractor on his cell phone at 7:30 AM.  Went straight to voice message.  Called the contractors office.  I was told the contractor was in a meeting and could not take my call.  He called me back in 10 minutes and told me there was a problem with the city permits for the garage.  Would not go into details and gave no time limit for when this would be resolved.


On September 10th, I sent a fax to our contractor demanding answers to 9 different questions.  1 of the questions was "Why is there no work being done at the lot?"


On September 11th, I received an answer (via fax) answering only 1 of the questions.  But the most important question.  Anyway, the owner of the contracting company wrote back and said the state has a back log of permit request and it is taking longer then we thought it would.  Basically, they waited until the 11th hour to submit the plans for the garage and patio.

I also called the electric company and gas company.  I left messages with both to call me back.

I also called the company who sold us our house and asked about getting keys to the house for all the sub-contractors.  No problems in getting the keys.


On September 12th, at 0610 the electric company called me back stating they were waiting on the construction company to submit a request for inspection.  I called the foreman of the construction company today who stated the first plans for the garage and patio were denied.  But he failed to explain why.  They "hope" to have the plans, by the state, approved soon and start pouring concrete by the 20th of September.  The foreman also answered the other eight questions.  He assured me they would start the process for the electric to get approved and fill in the trench.

I called the gas company and left a message AGAIN today!


On September 14th, Southwest Gas hired a sub contractor by the name of Northern Pile Line to install the gas line from the alley to the house.  It took all day, but the gas line has been installed.  But, SWG will not install a gas meter until the city does a final inspection of the house when everything is completed.  SIGH!!  Talked to the contractor late in the day and the new plans for the garage and patio have arrived and given to the city for approval.  Hopefully the city will call on Monday with the approval and then we can start pouring concrete.

The city inspector showed up today and failed the electric.  The SWG construction crew buried the grounding rod when they were digging the trench for the gas line.  The grounding rod has been UN-dug and next week we will try the inspection again.


September 19th, the electric company installed wires from the transformer to the electric pedestal and the city of Phoenix red tagged it.  They will not install a meter until the final inspection of the house.  DRAT'S!


OK, let's see.  It is September 20th, 2007 and the painters (we hired) starting painting the interior of the house this morning. They say it will be finished in 3 days or less.  YIPPEE!!

The interior of the house will be painted antique white and the door/window/floor trim will be painted white.

I also received copies of the state permits for the garage and patio from my contractor.  These permits allowed the inspector to inspect the garage and patio footings, which happened today.  And the footings passed.  Now we will see how long it takes for concrete to be poured.


For those of you who are counting, the last real serious work at our house was August 27th,  (24 days total) or 3 1/2 weeks ago.  A life time, an eternity, a whole lot of twiddling my thumbs, or way to damn long!!


September 21st, 2007 the painters finished painting EVERYTHING inside the house. They moved the doors outside to paint them

What a great job they did!!!

ABT Home Renovations

602-367-5134 Business

602-575-8655 Office

602-795-2950 Fax

15219 N. Cave Creek Rd.

Phoenix, AZ 85032

AZREIA Business Members

Licensed, Bonded & Insured.


On September 24th & 25th the contractor hired out to a sub-contractor to pour the concrete.  On the 24th they poured half of the patio and the entire garage.  The footings and slab of the garage where poured all in one shot!  On the 25th they came back and poured the other half of the patio, the breezeway, the sidewalk to the front door and the driveway.  I felt the crew was professional, polite and very good at their jobs.


September 26th, 2007 was a very busy day.  The flooring company finished the entire house. Two guys started on Monday (the 24th) and finished three days later (on the 26th).

Also, after only one day, another crew framed out the garage.

This week finished on a high note.  The concrete was poured and the garage completely framed out.  Now, we wait for another inspection.  While the carpenters are waiting they are suppose to start the patio.  Once the inspection is completed all the electrical and plumbing in the garage should be started.  Hopefully the patio will be finished and then everything can get a fresh coat of paint.  Maybe then, we can move into our house.

On October 1st, 2007, the framing inspection, for the garage, passed.  We also called APS (the local electric company) and asked that they install an electric meter as soon as possible.    Also, the electrician started pulling wires, setting boxes   and installing the outside lights on the garage. The framers also installed the tar paper on the roof.  Hopefully, the shingles will go on before it rains!  The carpenters also cut and installed all the posts and beams for the patio.  I was told today the garage door will not be installed until Friday and the painters will not start until Monday Oct 8th.

Today (October 2nd) was a good day.  APS installed a meter on the pedestal.  The electrician finished all the lights and outlets within the garage. He also installed the sub-panel for the spa.    The carpenters installed all the rafters for the patio and also installed all the plywood roofing.  Sometime on Oct 3rd, there should be a framing inspection for the patio.  While the carpenters are waiting for the inspector, they will shingle the garage. 

On October 3rd, 2007 saw a lot of little details get completed in the garage and patio. Also, the new garage received it's shingles.  The new shingles match the house shingles.  (see above)  I also was the told the patio passed the framing inspection.  YIPPEE!!

I sent an e-mail to a contact at Qwest to get the phone line installed.  We'll see how long it takes to get the phone line installed.

The company which installed the wood flooring called today asking for the rest of their monies, even though the job is not completed.  Jackie at Mayfair Carpets DEMANDED we pay the remainder of our balance even after I told her the workers have left trim work in the master bathroom off.  I told her I didn't want to pay the balance until the workers have completed the job.  She hinted at calling the police and filing charges against us.  She refused to tell me when the workers would come back to complete the trim work.  Mayfair Carpets is the first business I have ever done business with which DEMANDED payment even when the job was not completed.

The Eastside of the patio The Northside of the patio looking to the East The ceiling of the patio as you look straight upward

All that is left will be; install the rolled roofing for the patio, finish the plumbing, sheet rock the one wall inside the garage, have a sub-company install the garage door and then paint the garage and patio.  There is a GOOD chance we will be in the house around October 12th, 2007.

Today is October 5th, 2007.  The water was turned on, to the house, with a fan fair.  It appears the "crossover" pipes from one half of the double wide to the other half were not installed correctly.  When the plumbers completed hooking up the water lines to the house and turned on the water, they gave us an undocumented feature!!  We now have a lake under the house.  The plumber and I crawled under the house and repaired the crossover pipes.  Quite a bit of insulation got wet (duh) which hopefully will dry out over the weekend.

Yesterday a company called K J Cooling installed the 5 ton air condition unit.    They did not like David babysitting them and "copped" an attitude.  David said they didn't like it when he commented to them about all the trash they left behind.  Apparently, K J Cooling believes it is OK for their workers to leave trash under the house when they are done working.  David also asked them for a temperature reading from a vent in the house and the workers told them they had no way of determining the temperature coming out of the vents in the house.  They also showed up with the wrong blower fan.  They showed up with a blower fan for an electric furnace and we have a gas furnace. K J Cooling is NOT on my list of companies getting any more of my monies.

Also, yesterday, the garage door was installed. 

Today the workers painted the garage and patio.    Except the white trim.  That will be done on Monday.  The workers also completed the roofing for the patio.    By law the roof had to be "rolled" roofing.

We have told the contractor we are moving into the house on October 12th, 2007.  He should have everything done by then!!


Monday, October 8th, 2007 was a good but interesting day.  At 8 AM this morning, a repairman arrived at our house to repair the electrical problem.  It would appear that when the workers "squeezed" the two half's of the house together, they ran a lag bolt into an electrical wire for the entire South East section of the house.  None of the light fixtures worked and half of the outlets were dead.  4 hours later this guy had found the problem.  An hour later he had fixed the problem and we now have electricity in the SE corner of our new house.  Also, the workers installed sheetrock on the East interior wall of the garage.  This is a city of Phoenix code, because the garage is within 10 feet of the house.  Fire break and all that.  And (most importantly) the workers finished painting all the trim on the house and garage.

YIPPEE!!!  It looks great.

Now, we wait for the city and/or state to complete their FINAL inspections.  Which should take place on Wednesday.

We also received confirmation from the moving company today.  They will bring all of our "stuff" from the storage warehouse to our new house on October 12th.

Today, Mayfair Carpeting called me to ask if I was happy with the installation of our new floor and if there was anything else they could help us with.

October 10 @ 4 PM the state gave all the construction a final approval.  YIPPIE


Check back often, as this adventure of our lives continues.