How To Install the Print Folder program

  1. Down load the program from this site to your desktop

  2. By left clicking HERE and choosing Saving Target as: 

  3. Save it to your Desktop 

  4. Once it is on your desktop, double click it.  This will open the zip file.  

  5. Double click on the SETUP.EXE

  6. Click OK

  7. You will see the Wizard.  Just follow the instructions of the Wizard.

  8. After you close the README FILE.  Open Windows Explorer

  9. Once you have Windows Explorer open, go to ANY folder to view/use the PRINTFOLDER program By right clicking on any folder.  Then left click on PRINTFOLDER. 


  11. This is an example of the display 

  12. To Print or Save this file electronically, click on FILE 

  13. The OPTIONS TAB gives you other options 

  14. If you should want to remove PRINTFOLDER, then open the control panel, click on add/remove programs and select printfolder 1.2 .  Then click on the REMOVE button.

  15. Here is an example of what is displayed: