Using Windows Quick Launch Toolbar

XP start menu isn't always the most optimum and pleasant way to start an application. Most times you have to click or do a mouse over three times before you can access your favorite software.  Of course you can use shortcuts on the desktop, but I favor a clean desktop. Also, I don’t always want to close or minimize the application I have open in order to open a new program.  To make life easier, you can use the Quick Launch toolbar.

By default the Quick Launch toolbar is disabled, you can enable this toolbar by right clicking on a free space somewhere on the blue Task Bar, (between the START button and the clock) choose Toolbars and activate the Quick Launch toolbar, as shown below.

Now you will see the Quick Launch toolbar with a double arrow to the right, as shown below.


Adding to the Quick Launch Toolbar

By dragging shortcuts to the Quick Launch toolbar you can compose your own quick start menu.
If you already have a Shortcut or Icon of your favorite program on your desktop, you can add it to the Quick Launch Toolbar by:
  1. 1.Right clicking on it
  2. 2.Hold the right click
  3. 3.Drag it to the Quick Launch Toolbar
  4. 4.Release the right click
  5. 5.Choose the “Create Shortcut Here” option

Deleting from the Quick Launch Toolbar

You can also delete shortcuts by right clicking on them and choosing delete.

Adding to the Start Menu

§Another Quick way to quickly access your favorite programs is to ‘PIN TO THE START MENU”.
  1. §Find your favorite program.  (do not open it, just find it)
  2. §Right click on it and Choose the PIN TO START MENU option


Pin To the Start Menu

§There are three things to add here:
  1. §This only works with programs.  It will not work with documents or folders.
  2. §You MUST be in the default XP start menu mode.  Not the classic mode.
  3. §You are limited to the number of “PINNED ITEMS” which you can pre-set.

To Adjust the Number of "Pinned Items"


  1. §Right click on the start menu button

  2. §Choose Properties

  3. §Left click on the CUSTOMIZE button

  4. §Adjust the number to your desired number

  5. §Click OK

  6. §Click APPLY & then click OK