What is this RECENT ITEM thingy?

Nov 2010, I taught you about a Vista & Windows 7 trick within Windows Explorer about finding the last folders you have been to.

It was called RECENT PLACES!

That was a nice little trick, but it only showed you the FOLDERS you have been to.


Now, I'm going to show you a trick which will save you a couple of clicks and show you how to OPEN that "last document or picture" you had viewed or read, with only two clicks, regardless of where you saved it!!!


1.  Right click on the START button and then left click on PROPERTIES

2.  Left click on the START MENU tab.  Down at the bottom, under privacy, place a check mark in the box for Store and Display recently opened items, if it is not already checked

3.  Now, left click on the button titled CUSTOMIZE.  In the CUSTOMIZE START MENU box (which appeared) scroll down through the list of options until you find the RECENT ITEMS check box.  Left click in the box to place a check mark in the box.

4.  At the bottom (under  START MENU SIZE) change the number to what ever number you want.  This will change the number of RECENT ITEMS that will be displayed.

5.  Click OK and then click OK again.

5.  Now when you click on the START BUTTON, just above the CONTROL PANEL option, you will see RECENT ITEMS.  Place your curser over RECENT ITEMS and the most RECENT ITEMS will be displayed.  Left click on the one you want and it will open, automatically!!