Pictures are like memories: They're better when shared with someone else. And with the increased popularity of digital cameras and camera phones, people are sharing their memorable photos more than ever using online albums and personal web logs.


With so many hosting services available free of charge, it's easy to start your own online album or diary. We'll show you how HP Photosmart Share can make it simple to share your photos online, and introduce you to other ways to make your images available to friends, family, and even the whole world.  


Online albums


Online photo albums are a convenient way to share pictures on the Web. HP now offers an easy-to-use service called Snapfish that lets you share and store photos online. With Snapfish, you can share individual pictures or entire albums with friends, and allow them to order prints of their favorite photos.


Getting photos from your computer to Snapfish takes just a few simple steps. To upload pictures, just log in, click "upload photos," create an album, select pictures, and click "upload selected photos." You can also send photos to the site from your e-mail account or a camera phone.


If you've taken pictures with a film camera, you can mail your roll to Snapfish—they'll develop it for you and make the images available online. You can store, edit, organize, and share your files and also create photo gifts like mugs and calendars.


HP Photosmart Share


HP Photosmart Share lets you quickly and easily download, organize, and e-mail photos, and send them to an online finishing service or photo sharing website, too. Even while you're traveling, you can share snapshots with your family and friends across the room or around the world.


Using an on-camera menu, you can select up to 34 destinations for your picture—from an e-mail address to a printer. Once your camera is hooked up to a PC or camera dock, the images are sent automatically. Using HP Photosmart Share to e-mail pictures to family and friends means you can do it without sending huge file attachments—this guide, Sharing photos via e-mail, shows you how.


HP Photosmart Share is included with HP Photosmart Premier software, which comes with many HP products—or you can download HP Photosmart Essential for free. This version of the software lets you find, manage, edit, create, and share images in just a few clicks.


Blogging with photos


Web logs, or blogs, are sites containing short, frequently updated journal-like postings. Most let you share personal thoughts and links as well as images. Blogs that are completely photo-focused are called photoblogs.


In photoblogs, each photo is arranged by date. It's like a diary told in pictures instead of words. Unlike a picture gallery or online album, in which a collection of images is sorted into different categories or pages for easier viewing, a photoblog is always in chronological order.


Creative photo sharing


Now that you know how to share photos online, consider the possibilities:


Create a photoblog to capture your summer vacation memories.

Send e-postcards featuring your favorite snapshots.

Create an online family album that everyone can contribute to.






E-mailing pictures to your friends and family is an easy way to keep in touch. Once you know the basics, you can share your memories in a matter of minutes, so it's convenient, too. Who among your friends and family wouldn't love to receive your recent snapshots in their inbox? Here's an overview of how to successfully send images.  


Download photos from a digital camera

Downloading—or transferring—your photos from a camera to your PC is a fundamental skill for digital photographers. Once the images are on your computer, use an e-mail program to send them to friends and family.


Scan photos

Even without a digital camera, you can still send pictures electronically. All you need to do is scan your printed photographs, save them on your PC, and send them out. Discover tips for scanning photos. Shopping for a scanner? Get tips for selecting an HP scanner.


Use HP Photosmart Share

HP Photosmart digital cameras and printers feature HP Photosmart Share. This software lets you select destinations (including e-mail addresses and printers) right from your camera or printer—plus your photos will send automatically when you dock your camera or connect it to your computer.


Instead of having to open e-mail attachments, the recipient will receive a message filled with thumbnail photos and a link to an online photo album. Take an interactive tour to learn more about HP Photosmart Share.



Tips for e-mailing photos


No matter which method you use to send your photos, follow these simple guidelines for best results.


Send small files

If files are too large, the recipient's e-mail program may not accept them, or it may take a long time for the photos to download. Files under 500k are best. If you're not sure how big your images are, you can view the file size within the e-mail program after you've attached them to an e-mail. You can also check file sizes by right-clicking on an image file on your PC, then choosing Properties from the menu.


Use JPEG format

JPEG is a universal image format that reduces your photo file sizes for easy electronic sending. When you download your photos from your HP camera into HP Photosmart Premier or HP Photosmart Essential they are in JPEG format already.


Limit your attachments

Your entire e-mail should have no more than 1MB of files attached; that's two photos at 500k each. If you'd like to send more images, send them in several e-mails.


Check in

It's always a good idea to talk with recipients after sending photos via e-mail. Ask if the images were easy to view and confirm that their e-mail program accepted the attachments.



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