Shutting Down Without Installing Updates


(all operating systems)

OK, you sitting at the computer (laptop or desktop), when you glance at the clock and realize it's time to go.  So you click on SHUTDOWN--and then you realize Windows want to install updates.  Ten minutes (or longer) your still waiting on Windows to complete installing updates.

If your on a desktop, you can just walk away.  It will shut down by itself.  (Unless it wants to restart)

So here you are being held captive or hostage by your computer.  Wouldn't it be great if Microsoft asked you before installing updates when you shut down?  How hard would it be for Microsoft to add a deferment, an "install updates later" or "not right now" option!  The whole thing about forced updating during shutdown is borderline insulting?  As if I am not smart enough to remember later!!!

If your on a laptop, your held hostage.  That's with a capitol H!!!


Lucky for you (because you're so smart) there is a way to defer or by-pass this auto windows update.

If you see the little windows update-alert icon (down in the notification bar by the clock) do this"

1.  Shut down all your running programs so that only your desktop remains.

2.  Press ALT-F4

3.  Click the pull-down menu, and change it from install updates and shut down to simply shut down.  Then click OK.

Just like magic, windows shuts down right away without installing updates.  That will teach Microsoft to take me hostage.



I checked this with Windows XP and Windows 7 and it will work.