WMF Exploit Explanation

By now everyone has read or heard about the WMF Exploit.

If not, go here to read the whole story:  http://www.f-secure.com/zero-day/

But in short, the bad guys have figured out how to infect your computer with a virus/Trojan using an image file (picture) posted on a website, a picture attachment in an e-mail, or a picture file sent by anyone of the several instant messengers.  You no longer have to "open" a file to get infected.  You can get infected just visiting a website.  Also, the Google toolbar which index's photo's on your computer can activate the infected file when the Google Toolbar index's the downloaded but unopened picture file.


Click on this link:  WMF_CHECKER_HEXBLOG.EXE and download a free WMF Exploit checker.

Save the download to a place you can find (such as the desktop) and then double left click it.  It will run a small program to determine if your computer is susceptible to the WMF Exploit.  Remember, as of today there are over 50 different variants of this exploit.

This page has further information including a link to download the checker.  http://www.grc.com/sn/notes-020.htm


Regardless of the results, go to the Microsoft page for the OFFICIAL released patch on 01-05-06.