Avery Design Pro version 4


Avery labels can help you stay organized in many ways. Choose, design and print your favorite AVERY product.  From business cards, labels, greeting cards and more!!

But, recently I found out that the latest version of AVERY embeds itself into your Microsoft Office Word.  I didn't like that.  It was awkward and cumbersome to use.  So I went back to an older version.  This older version is a stand alone.  Meaning, it does not need Office to work.

Download AVERY version 4 here.

After you have downloaded, double click the installation icon. 

Follow any on-screen prompts to complete the installation.  I have installed it on Windows XP and Windows 7 (both 32 bit and 64 bit).  Choose the typical installation, when your at that screen.  You may have to reboot your computer.

After the installation and re-boot of your computer, you will see a new icon on your desktop.    Double click this icon to start the program.

Say yes to "Calibrate Printer" pop-up window. 

Choose your default color printer (if you have more than one printer)


How to use Avery DesignPro version 4

When you first start the program, you are presented with a start Wizard. 

HINT:  When you buy an AVERY product it will have a product number on the box or on the sheet itself.

OK, I like to use the "Create a Project from Scratch" option.  So let's click on that.

Now you can see why I told you about the product number.  Scroll down to the product number you are using and double click.

Once you have your AVERY product open, you can design it, any which way you want, using the tools on the left. 

By placing your mouse over each tool icon, it will tell you want the tool is with a pop-out.

Remember, F1 (on your keyboard) is the HELP.  You may need to use the help often until you learn the program.

This stand alone program of AVERY'S is a very nice program for designing any product which AVERY sells.

You can also design a project and save it for later "tweaking" or printing.

I often save a project and then "tweak it" later.  For example:  Making certificates, or dinner place labels.


Let's do a DVD/CD project

The AVERY label I have in my stock for making CD/DVD's is template 5931.

So, after opening the AVERY and choosing Create a Project from Scratch.  I would enter the template number 5931 in the box and click find.

Now, click on OK!  A CD/DVD template is displayed.

Now, let's place an overlay of a graphic picture.  You can either enter a picture which is within the CLIPART or from your own file of pictures.

Let's choose the clipart option.    So click on the icon.

Let's scroll down to the American Star. 

Double click on the star.  If you click on the star it will display the enlargement points.  Enlarge the star until it covers the entire white circle

Now, let's put a label on.  How about Family Pictures Jan 2012.

Go over to the toolbar and click on the INSERT TEXT.  A box will appear.  Type in Family Pictures 2012.  Notice (at the top) you can change the font size and/or font type and the color.  Just like you can in Word or in your email.  You can also change the size of the box and location of the box.  After you have created your CD with all the graphics and text you want, let's print it.

Click on File/print or the printer icon on the top toolbar.

In the printer box, you can choose the number of copies and the start position

That, my friends is a basic lesson.  Have fun and experiment!!