How to simply create a difficult password for websites


Sometimes, a website requires a user name and password in order for you to view or navigate on to their website.

The user name part is simple.  Most website (not all) use your email as your user name.

But creating a difficult password (a password which is difficult to crack) but yet a password you can remember, can be a challenge.

Most of us tend to use the same password for every website.  This can be a real problem if anybody should figure out your password.

Many of us tend to write down our password.  This to could be a problem.

So let's break down some facts about passwords.

1.  The longer the password, the harder it is to crack.  At least 8 characters are required.

2.  Passwords with number (s) in it makes it even harder to crack

3.  Passwords with a least one capitol letter makes it even harder to crack.  The more capitols, the harder it is.

OK, so here is my simple trick:

first, enter the initials of your name - Capitalized

second, the name of the website

third, two (or more) numbers that means something special to you.

So, my simple password word could like this, if the website required a password:



Pretty simple trick, uh?  And, you can remember this trick!

All you have to remember is your initials and the special two numbers.  (Choose these two numbers wisely.  Birthdays are not good)

Just change the name of the website, to whichever website you are logging into and you are still using the same principles.