How to use the Gmail Default Maker software

GmailDefaultMaker needs a better name. Not that the free app doesn't set a Gmail composition window as your default email link action, but the app also ably handles Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL accounts as well.

Download the installer, run it, pick your email service of choice, and from then on, any link in a browser, Word document, or other app is sent along to a composition window in your default browser. The app works, it runs light, and doesn't even require a system tray app icon. The one drawback is that switching email handlers requires a re-installation, but it can be a lot more convenient than setting up each browser and app on your system with your custom email needs.

GmailDefaultMaker is a free download for Windows systems only.

When you click on a mailto: link or when you click File -Send link in Firefox to compose a message, normally your default desktop mail client like Outlook, Windows Live Mail, or Thunderbird will open.

But if you would like to open your web mail services like Gmail, Yahoo mail or AOL mail instead of desktop mail client, you required a special tool.

GmailDefault maker is such a tool that will automatically open your web mail service instead of a desktop client.


  1. Click here to download the Gmail Default Maker (download it to your desktop so you can find it later)   
  2. Now, lets double left click it to install it.  You must say YES to allow the program to run. (Windows 7 and Vista only)
  3. Select whatever language you want to use       
  4. You must say YES to continue installing the program. 
  5. Click on NEXT to continue installing the program.  I guess they want you to be really sure before you install it.
  6. Left click and place a bullet in the I ACCEPT THE TERMS OF THE LICENSE AGREEMENT.  Now left click on NEXT.
  7. I would recommend you keep the default location and left click on NEXT. 
  8. Alright!  Now we get to choose your default Email program.  Choose wisely.  If you change you mind and want to change default email programs, you must re-install this program. 
  9. Click on NEXT
  10. COOL.  It's installed.  Left click on finish. 
  11. OK, lets test it.  Send me a test message.  Click on my email address to the right.
  12. On my laptop, I had to place a checkmark in the DO NOT SHOW ME THE WARNING FOR THIS PROGRAM AGAIN. and click on the ALLOW BUTTON. 
  13. OMG, it works like it said it would. 

If you don't like the Gmail Default Maker, you can uninstall it via the ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS in the control panel.