How to search a specific website

Many websites, including mine, do not have a built-in search engine.  Inserting a search engine within a website is difficult and requires quite a bit of daily maintenance.

This makes it difficult to find what your looking for.  But here is a trick to beat those webmasters.

1.  First, you have to decide what "key word" you want to look for.  This also can be difficult.  Because what you think is a proper "key word", the webmaster may not!  So if your first attempt at a search does not work, then change the key word to something else.  Try and stay generic until you get much better at this.  NOTE:  Some times using a generic key word will return many "hits".  That's OK.  At least your getting close

For example:  You may search for camera, but the webmaster has it marked as digital camera.

OK, let's get started.

Open up Internet Explorer (The Big Blue E)

Go to Google or Bing, your choice.  (You must start your search from Google or Bing)

In the search bar window, type in:

"keyword" site:(name of website).com

Press the ENTER key on your keyboard and the next window you see, will be the Google or Bings results.

Let's break this down.

Keyword = the word or words you are looking for. 

If you are searching for two words, (copy and paste) place a + sign between the two words.

NAME OF WEBSITE = this is the website you want to search.  I did a couple of quick searches and I believe you can search any website which will end in - .com, .gov, .org, or .net.  (Maybe others)