Monthly Computer Maintenance


NOTE: The length of time it takes to run each of the below listed programs, depends on the speed of your computer and how many files you have in the computer. I have placed an estimated amount of time based on a "normal" computer in parentheses.

ALSO, you can start each of these programs and then go do something else. (But not with the computer)  Each of these programs will wait for you when it's finished.


A. Run Disk Clean up (15 minutes)

  1. Click on START, click on PROGRAMS, click on ACCESSORIES, click on SYSTEM TOOLS, click on DISK CLEAN-UP.

  2. Choose which hard drive you want to clean (the default will be the "C" drive).

  3. Let the program run and clean up as many things as possible. If your not sure what something is, highlight it and read the description.

  4. Place a check mark in each box which has an amount on the right hand side EXCEPT the compress old files.  DO NOT check that box.


B.  How to download MALWAREBYTES

To download Malwarebytes, go to:

and click on the DOWNLOAD NOW button.   

If your download does not start right away, click on the CLICK HERE link. 

 (I suggest you download it to your desktop for easy retrieval)

Now go to your desktop and double left click on the Icon for the MALWAREBYTES. 

Follow the on screen prompts to install MALWAREBYTES

Be sure and left click in the circle to accept the agreement. 

You have now installed Malwarebytes.  It will start the program and automatically update itself THIS TIME.

It will display a status once it has been updated.  The version numbers will change each time. 

To run the program

  1. Each time you run the program, you must update the program. Click on the UPDATE tab.
  2. This page will display the last time you had updated Malwarebytes.  To UPDATE, click on the CHECK FOR UPDATES button.
  3. Now that it has been updated, click on the SCANNER tab. 
  4. Decide if you want to run a QUICK scan or a FULL scan.  I suggest the FULL scan. Click on the SCAN button!
  5. You can also scan any thumb drives or external drives by placing a check mark at the appropriate drive letter.  Push the START SCAN button.
  6. Once the scan has completed, a warning window will be displayed. 
  7. If MALWAREBYTES found anything suspicious, click on the SHOW RESULTS button.  If nothing was found, your done. 
  8. After clicking on the SHOW RESULTS button, you will be displayed with a list of infections found within your computer. 
  9. Place a check mark in each box to and then click the REMOVE SELECTED button.  You will then be notified that the removal process is complete.  It will also advise you if you need to restart your computer to complete the removal process.   You will also see a second window appear.  This is a text log of the scan results  You can close it. 
  10. You can now close WALWAREBYTES via the red X in the upper right hand corner.

C. Run a full system scan using your ANTI-VIRUS program. (30 minutes to 1 hour)

There are too many Anti Virus programs to give you instructions.  Open your Anti Virus program and read the HELP file if you need instructions on how to run a full system scan.


D.  Complete a system Restore Point    Less then 5 minutes (OPTIONAL)

Now that your computer is completely cleaned, let's create a system restore point.

  1. Click on Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Restore Point.

  2. Choose the option to Create a restore point and click next

  3. In the text box, enter a unique name, such as the month you completed the clean-up.  Now click on the CREATE button.

  4. When the system has created the restore point, you will see this window.  Now click on CLOSE.