Office Tips from Nancy


How to send a fax from your computer

If you have a Fax modem installed, down load this PDF document to learn how to send Faxes from your computer, regardless if you are on broadband or dialup.  Click here.

Make Charts in Excel

For the inexperienced, creating charts in Excel can be a confusing mass of buttons and commands. Here are two tricks for becoming a chart-making champ.

  1. Create a graph with one click
    1. Select your data.
    2. Press F11.
    3. Presto! You have a graph.


  2. Right-click to customize
    You can customize the following chart elements with a simple right-click.

Making Specialty Labels

Have you ever wanted to make up mailing labels, or some other type of label, but weren't sure how to do the formatting?  There is free software from the label making people, Avery.  This software allows you to print from just one label to as many as you wish and on any size of label.

You can download the software from the following link:


Halfway down the page, there is a link for "Free Software Downloads".  Below this link are two links.  The first for Design Pro 5 Limited and Design Pro 5 Users Guide.

I recommend downloading both of them.  Install the new software first and then reboot your PC.  To install the software, double click on the file you just downloaded.  The name of the file should be:  DesignPro_5_2_Limited.exe.