Windows provides a drawing program called Paint. We can use Paint to create a logo or picture. Paint is a drawing tool you can use to create simple or elaborate drawings. These drawings can be either black-and-white or color, and can be saved as bitmap files. You can print your drawing, use it for your desktop background, or paste it into another document. You can even use Paint to view and edit scanned photos. You can also use Paint to work with pictures, such as .jpg, .gif, or .bmp files. You can paste a Paint picture into another document you've created, or use it as your desktop background.



  1. Click Start > All programs > Accessories > Paint. If the Paint program window is small, click on the Maximize button to expand it. As an alternative, you can use the double-headed arrow to drag the window to any size you want. Take the mouse pointer to any edge or corner. When you get the double-headed arrow, press and hold the left mouse button and drag.
  2. The white area in the center of the window is your drawing canvas, and initially the cursor is a pencil. Press and hold the left mouse button to draw.
  3. Change tools by clicking on a new tool to the left of the window. (Choose your color first!) Move the cursor over any tool to identify it. The tools are covered in detail later. To move any window, put the mouse on the Title bar, press and hold the left mouse button and drag the window to a new position.


  1. Choose colors from the color palette lower down the window. The left mouse button selects the foreground color and the right mouse button the background. Double-click on a color in the color palette to create custom colors, or to choose from a larger palette.
  2. You can undo a number of actions in Paint, but only until you change tools. Select Edit > Undo.
  3. It is a good idea to save your picture from time to time. Then, if necessary, you can go back to the saved version and continue from that point. Files (pictures) in Paint will be automatically saved in the My Pictures folder.
  4. Paint can be used with lots of different types of picture formats, such as .jpg, .gif and .bmp files. This will be more relevant to you if you are interested in digital photography.
  5. You retrieve your picture by clicking on File > Open when Paint is open. The Open window will display your pictures in the miniature thumbnail image view. Click on the image you want to open and select Open – or double click on a picture to open it.
  6. PRINTING YOUR PICTURE. Select File > Print Preview to see the image positioned on the paper. Before printing, always take a moment to see it in the print Preview. This will save you wasting time, paper and ink. Check it again after making changes in the Page Setup window. To make changes to the layout, select File > Page Setup. Change the various options to see the effect in the Preview pane. Click OK when completed. Click on File > Print, and again Print to start printing.


1)      FREEFORM SELECT AND SELECT. Use the mouse to draw around an area of the image. You can then move the contents of this box with the four-headed arrow. The box created by the selection tool acts as a frame for the object. Frames are used for images in all programs. The frame allows you to shrink, stretch and move the image. Use the resize handles on each corner to stretch or shrink the selected area.

2)      FILL TOOL.  Use the fill tool with foreground or background color. It is best used with the geometric shapes. Freehand shapes may have gaps where the paint can spill out.

3)      GEOMETRIC DRAWING TOOLS. The Line tool can be used freehand, or hold down the Shift key and draw for a true vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. The Rectangle, Polygon, Ellipse and Rounded rectangle are used for more regular shapes. For a perfect square or circle, hold down the Shift key as you draw the shape.

4)      TEXT TOOL. Select the Text tool, click, drag and draw a box on the paper where you want the test. Then type as normal. The Text toolbar should appear, allowing you to select the font style, size and format. When creating text, avoid clicking outside the text box until you are finished. When you do, the text box disappears and must be created from scratch.

5)      With several tools, when selected another small window pops up to allow you to choose the size of the area painted.


Now it’s time to play…

·        Bring up the graphic ‘Girls In Hats’.     Insert > Picture > From file. OR – you may want to just play with Paint’s tools for awhile before you start?

·        Make all hats red. Make bands purple. Two hats are O.K. the way they are.

·        The first thing you want to do is View > Zoom to a very large size. I used custom > 400%. The magnifier tool will also allow you to magnify the area you want to paint.                      

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