Up-loading your pictures FOR THE WORLD TO SEE

Use your current version of Picasa or download Picasa version 3 from this website.




Uploading and sharing photos is easy!

  1. In Picasa, Select the photo(s) to upload.

  2. Click Upload, name your album and adjust privacy settings.

  3. When the upload is finished click View Online. Your web albums will open

  4. Got a question about your new web albums? Go to Help for a list of frequently asked questions

Click here to Watch a video introduction


Share your photos

Your photos take on more meaning when you share them with friends and family. Here are two ways to quick share your photos:

Upload photos to the web

Use the Upload button in Picasa to upload all selected photos to Picasa Web Albums. Don't feel like picking through your photos? The Share button  uploads an entire folder or album, and sends email invitations to your friends and family.

Email photos

Click the Email button in Picasa to quickly send all selected photos to friends and family, using the email provider of your choice. Keep in mind that email doesn't accomodate a large number of photos, so if you want to share a lot of photos, consider uploading them to Picasa Web Albums, where you can take advantage of the free one GB of storage that's available.

Discover more features

If you've read this far, you're familiar with the basics of Picasa. As you become a power user, here are some of the features for you to explore:
Resize photos: One of the most popular -- and most hidden -- features of Picasa is the ability to resize photos. Use the Export button to quickly resize your photos.
Sync to Web: When you enable Sync to Web in Picasa for a folder or album, edits made to your photos in Picasa are reflected immediately in the corresponding album in Picasa Web Albums.
Make a collage: Make a collage and share it with your friends and family. Experiment with six different types of collage, and maintain total control over your collage content and layout.
Add captions: Adding captions can help tell the rest of the story. While editing a photo, click the text below that says 'Make a caption!'. Captions are displayed in Picasa, Picasa Web Albums, and other IPTC compatible programs.
Use Movie Maker: Combine your photos, videos, and music into a movie and upload it directly to YouTube. You can also trim existing video files.
Map photos: Use the Maps tab in Picasa to embed latitude and longitude information into the EXIF data of your photo file. This geographic data accompanies your photo when you upload it to Picasa Web Albums.
Print photos: Use the Shop button to order prints from our online print partners or use the Print button to print your photos at home.
Add tags: Tags are like keywords. By applying single or multiple-word tags in Picasa, you can quickly search and locate photos. The Tags tab offers quick tags, tag counts and the ability to manage your tags.
Upload to Blogger: Use the BlogThis! button to post photos directly from Picasa to Blogger.
Back up your collection: Protect those precious memories. Use Picasa to back up your photo collection to either an alternate drive or to CD/DVD.


Picasa Basics: Picasa 3.6 features

Picasa 3.6 has improved name tags, a feature based on the same technology that powers name tags on Picasa Web Albums. With name tags, you can organize your photos based on what matters most: the people in them. In this new version, you can also upload photos to your friends' collaborative albums, more easily geotag photos using Google Maps, and import photos from your camera and upload them to Picasa Web Albums in one step. Get started by downloading Picasa for PC or Mac at http://picasa.google.com
  • Add name tags -- Picasa scans all the photos in your collection, identifies the ones with faces, and groups photos with similar faces together. It's easy to add name tags to dozens of photos at once by clicking "Add a name" below a photo and typing the person's name. Once you've tagged some pictures, you can make a face collage with one click, easily find all your pictures with the same two people in them, or upload your name tags to Picasa Web Albums. Learn more
  • Geotag your photos with Google Maps -- Quickly add geotags using the newly integrated Google Maps. Click the Places button and drag your photos to the location where you took them. Of course, you can still use Google Earth to tag or view photos if you prefer. Learn more
  • Import, upload, and share, all at once -- We've improved the import process so that you can star your favorites, upload to Picasa Web Albums, and share with Google contact groups at the same time. Learn more
  • Tags -- Better bulk tagging, quick tags & tag counts -- We've improved the tagging experience. Just click the new Tags button on the right side of the Photo tray to add Quick tags, see tag counts for groups of images, and manage tags more easily. Learn more


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