How to rename several images at once

When you download images from your digital camera to your computer, the file names of the images have nothing to do with the event or scene that you were taking pictures of. Renaming each file manually is time-consuming, but by using this Windows XP technique you can quickly rename a folder of digital photos all at once. When you use this technique on a folder, all the files in the folder end up with a single name (including a sequential number) that relates to the subject of the images. Using this technique to rename your digital photos makes it easier to locate the one you're looking for at a later date-a photo named museum of flight august (18).JPG, for example, is easier to find than that same photo named DSCN1518.JPG.

To rename digital photos with a common name and sequential numbering

1. Click Start and then click My Pictures.

Screenshot of My Pictures highlighted on the Start menu

2. Open a folder of digital photo files whose names you want to change.

Screenshot of a folder of digital photo files with Picture Tasks open in the left pane

3. Click Edit and then click Select All.

A folder of digital photo files that are all selected

4. Right click on the first digital photo file in the list and then click Rename.

A group of digital photos that are selected with the Rename menu open

The name of the first digital photo file is highlighted and ready to be edited.

The name of the first digital photo file is highlighted and ready to be edited
5. Type the name you want to use to identify all the digital photo files in the folder. Choose a name that allows you to identify a photo from this folder at a later date.

NOTE: Be sure to type the file extension after the file name. In this example we use the extension .jpg after the file name museum of flight august because these image files are jpeg format, which is the format that most digital cameras use.

The first photo in the list is renamed museumeofflight_august.jpg
6. Press Enter on your keyboard to rename all the digital photo files in the folder and add sequential numbering to the file names.

A group of files with the same museumeofflight_august name in sequential numbering order

If you take a little time and go through your My Pictures folder and apply this technique to all your photos, the next time you try to find a specific photo you'll be glad that you did. And if you get into the practice of applying this technique right after you download your images to your computer, your digital photos will be well-organized and up-to-date as you accumulate digital memories.