Introduction to How to Use A Scanner

Introduction to Scanners

A scanner is an external device used to record data on to the computer. The data can included photographs, book pages, and other images already on a piece of paper. The scanner is like a copy machine, but instead of printing the item on a piece of a paper, the digital image gets placed on the computer screen. Items are scanned, transmitted from the scanner to the computer, by two types of scanners, a flatbed scanner and a sheet fed scanner. A flatbed scanner can scan paper documents, books, photographs and other flat objects, as well as photographic slides with the additional slide attachment. A sheet fed scanner can only scan flat pieces of paper including documents, newspaper and magazine clippings and photographs.

There are many components to a scanner including:

  • bed: the glass screen that documents are placed on
  • lid: the top of the scanner that is closed in order to scan a document clearly
  • function bar: the place where the buttons are located
  • functions: the buttons that can be pressed in order to scan, print or email the document. Some scanners do not have all of these functions.
  • power switch: the power button which is normally located in the back of the scanner


How to Scan

1. Make sure the scanner and computer are on

2. Lift the scanner lid

3. Lay image face down on the bed of the scanner aligned with the top corner

4. Close the lid

5. Click the icon which looks like a scanner down by the clock

6. You will now see this image

On your home scanner you can email a scan or print a scan.  But not here.

7. Click the Scan button. 

8. Once the scanner starts, do not open the lid.  While the scanner is scanning, you will see .

9. Once the lamp has finished scanning, you will see

10.  Your scanned image will be inside a folder titled Shortcut to Scansoft documents. (home owners will not have this shortcut unless you make it)

11. To retrieve your scanned image, insert your flash drive into an available USB port.  (remember the drive letter)

11A.  Open the shortcut to Scansoft documents.

11B.  Find your document and right click on it, choose SEND TO, choose your flash drive or drive letter.

12.  Notice how Scan soft names the scanned image with the date it was scanned?  That will help you find your scan.

13.  Be nice to others and delete your scan when you are done. (right click on your scanned image and choose delete)  BUT ONLY DELETE YOUR IMAGES!


Helpful Tips
  • Read your manual.
  • The better the original image, the better the scanner will be.
  • Scan the image the same way you want to print or use it, and only scan the part of the image you want to use.
  • Keep the bed glass clean and don't press down on it.
  • Familiarize yourself with the basics of the scanner before getting more advanced.
  • Tech support is always available and able to help. The number is normally in the back of the book along with an email address.


This websie has videos on how to operate this scanner: