A quick and easy way to search a document or webpage


You can not argue, that more and more the manufactures are no longer giving us manuals when we buy a product.  The give us a website to go and download the manual.  This is because it is cheaper for them.

But it is not only manufactures.  It's the government, HOA's, and anybody else who has information you want to read.

Some websites make it easy to find what your looking for.  Others, do not.  But don't worry, I'm going to teach you a quick and easy trick for searching almost any document for a key word.

Now, I suggest key word, because you do not want to read the whole manual just to find out what size battery you should use.

Lets get started with our 4 examples:

1.  In our first example, I will use a PDF manual for a camera, to which I have already downloaded and placed onto my desktop.  (I place it on my desktop just because it is easy to find)

Now, we all can agree, these manuals are not written for the normal user to understand.  So reading the manual, front to back, is a pain!!!

But I need to learn how to put the batteries in and I do not want to read the whole thing.  One of the things I love about PDF documents is the FIND option they have built into the Adobe Reader.  This is a toolbar at the top.

All you have to do is left click into the FIND box and type a word and then press the ENTER key on your keyboard.  It does the rest of the work by finding all the locations of the word you searched for.  Lets search for BATTERY

In the above example, there are several things you may want to understand.

In the first circle, this shows what page your on.  In this example, we are on page 13 of 59 pages.

In the second circle, this shows you what zoom power we are currently at.

In the third circle, this shows you the icon to click to go forward or backward in your search.

When you have clicked the forward button as many times as needed to search the entire documents, Adobe will tell you when you have searched the entire documents.

TIP:  If you searched and didn't find what you where looking for, try a different word.

2.  In our second example, let's search a 5 page Microsoft WORD document.  How to Copy and Paste.

I'm lazy and do not want to search the whole thing, so I do this.  Let's search for the word SAVE.

Press and hold the CTRL key and the F key on your keyboard. (Remember this CTRL F tip.  You will use it again)  Now release both keys.  A new window will appear.  Type in the word SAVE and after you have pressed the FIND NOW button, if the search function can find that word, it will be highlighted.

Press the FIND NEXT button again to find the next version of the word your searching for.

3.  In example 3, let's use a text version of the same document as above.  (It's highly unlikely you will search a text document, but never the less)

Again, we will use the CTRL & F keys on the keyboard to FIND or SEARCH for a word.

It is a little different then the Word version, but it works just the same.

4.  In example 4, let's search a whole webpage.  This is different the searching a website.  Think of it as searching a room rather then a whole house.

Let's us my website of computer lessons.  http://www.rhodesaz.com/computer_tips.htm

Once on the website, let's search for BATTERY again.  Do the CTRL & F thingy.  You will notice a new toolbar.

Now type in the word BATTERY and press the ENTER key.

This toolbar now shows you, how many it found of the that word within the document and it will highlight the words within the webpage.

Either press the ENTER key again or press the NEXT button to find the next word.

If you search for a common word, such as THE, you will spend a lot of wasted time.  In this webpage there are 54 uses of the word THE.

TIP:  Again, if you do not find what your looking for, change the word your searching for.