System Restore
Windows XP

System Restore works a lot like the Undo command in Microsoft Word. You can use System Restore to remove any system changes that were made since the last time you remember your computer working correctly. System Restore does not affect your personal data files (such as Microsoft Word documents, browsing history, drawings, favorites, or email) so you won't lose changes made to these files.

This is the opening screen for System Restore, accessible by clicking [Start] [All Programs] [Accessories] [System Tools] [System Restore]. Choose from the bulleted options on the right whether you want to restore your computer to an earlier time or create a new restore point for future use.

If you have chosen to restore to a previously established restore point the screen above will open. The calendar on the left will have dates in bold. Selecting a day will show the restore points available for that date in the breakout to the right of the calendar. Select the restore point you want and click [Next].

Last chance (not really) before you start the restore process. I say not really because one of the excellent features of System Restore is the ability to undo any restore performed. The [Help and Support] option available from the [Start] menu is an excellent source of more information on the different types of restore points available. Search under “System Restore”.

When you choose to establish a new restore point rather than go back to a previous restore point the screen above will open. Simply type in a name for the restore point in the data entry box. Be descriptive in your naming to make it easier when you come back to do a restore. Click [Create] and the process will begin.

Windows Vista

Click the Start button, right-click Computer, select Properties, and click the System protection link in the left pane. Click the Create button and follow the prompts.

Windows 7

The Vista instructions above will work here, too, but there's an easier way. Click the Start button, type restore, click create a restore point, and click the Create button.


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