Metro Home Weather/Clock Widget

It can be downloaded from here:

I found a little widget, which I think you may enjoy.  I have!  It is a clock and weather station all in one.

I like it because it will work with XP, Vista and Windows 7.  I also like it because it encompasses an all in one concept.


I found some little things about it I like.  Such as:

I only found 2 things I didn't like about it: )


Download the widget from here:  Save it to your desktop, so you can find it easily.

1.  It downloads as a ZIP file.  No Problem!  Before you do anything else, we must UNBLOCK the security features.  Right click on the ZIP file and left click on Properties.

At the bottom right, left click on the UNBLOCK button.  Click apply and then click OK.

2.  Now, double left click the Metro Home ZIP file.

Click on the EXTRACT ALL FILES in the upper left.  You can now choose any location you wish to extract all the files to, but I would choose the default. 

Now you have a new folder, on your desktop, titled Metro Home.  Let's double click it and open the folder.

To start the program, double left click on the MetroHome.exe .  If you receive an error like this:

file:///C:\Users\Jenn\Downloads\Metro_Home\Widgets.\íVetierC cck.W
atherClock.dll or one of its dependencies, Operation is not supported.
(Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131515)

You did not UNBLOCK all the files.  Close everything and go back and do number 1 again.

Otherwise, the widget should start to install and once installed, it should start up.


1.  The first thing you will notice is, it is configured for New York City.  Let' change the configurations.

Right click on the widget and choose WIDGET SETTINGS.  Here we should change the temperature to Fahrenheit and change the clock to 12 hour format.  Also, remove the checkmark to SHOW ICON ON TASKBAR.  I also changed the Refresh weather interval to 30 minutes.

I left the Slideshow interval at 60 seconds.  (More on that later)

On this page you also have 3 choices of where you receive the weather information from.  I choose FORECA.  No special reason.  Left click on the down arrow to make your selection.

2.  Now click on the Location tab at the top.  This is where you choose what city weather you want displayed.  Let's change it to Phoenix.  Type in Phoenix in the box.  Left click on the magnifier glass to the right. 

It will go out and search all known cities named Phoenix.  Choose the first option by left clicking it once.  Click OK.

3.  Now let's size the widget.  Right click the widget and you will see SIZE.  Move the scroll bar up or down until the desired size of the widget is reached.  (To move the scroll bar, left click and hold onto the bar) 

4.  Let's make a few more changes to our widget.  Right click the widget and choose Metro Home Settings.

Place a check mark in the AUTOSTART WITH WINDOWS.  Click apply and then OK.

THAT'S IT!!!  Your new weather/Clock is running and will keep you aware of the Time and weather.


You will notice (at the bottom left) a sample picture the designers gave you to start the slide show.    You can leave this alone if you wish, or you can add pictures to the proper folder in order to have a slide show presentation.  NOTE:  The pictures must be in JPG format and there is no way to change the size, without changing the size of the entire widget.  You can't disable it. But you can place blue picture in Widgets\WeatherClock\Pictures folder and it will only show a blue picture.  I deleted the green leave picture from the folder.


Double click the Metro_Home folder on your desktop.

Double click the Widgets folder

Double click the WeatherClock folder

Double click the Picture folder

Any picture you want seen in the slide show MUST be placed into this folder.  I suggest you copy and paste whatever pictures you want.

If you have an problems with your widget, go here first, Metro Home Weather_Clock widget FAQ's.



1.  To delete your Weather_Clock widget, all you have to do is delete the Metro Home folder (on your desktop), restart your computer and VIOLA, it's gone.

2.  You can always close the widget by Right clicking on the widget and choosing CLOSE METRO HOME.  It will start back up the next time you start the computer.